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Poster: agstwst33 Date: Jun 9, 2010 2:26pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: drugs and the dead

This question is absurd!To even ask it,it`s as if you are questioning the fact,we all went to see,hear and/or follow the one thing that brought true happiness to our hearts and that expanding the realm of perception,time and senses,while doing so,was not a learning experience.The facts are,most of us,had tried LSD well before ever hearing Jerry.And,when did you ever hear the sweet sounds from his guitar and "not"feel uplifted.I`m sure not everytime was under a blanket of lysergig acid.More or less,we took LSD to come to know ourselves and see the world the way it would be if fairies and elves ran things.To smile,be happy and to always have love in our hearts,for there were moments on tour when that would be all that you needed.To go in and see the Grateful Dead at the end of the day was" extra credit,"almost.For many nights,we stood outside and wished we were more diligent in the day at making money to get that ticket and be rewarded with overwhelming emotion,that only occured in the wheel-house that Jerry was Captain of.I love the Grateful Dead,not only,for the music,but for every person I met,for all the memories,and for always being were I could find them....on-stage,right in front of me,....."when you get confused,listen to the music play!" That`s what we did.